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Sicilybycar - Catania - Airport - Fontanarossa

Directions to desk
Desk is located in Rent a Car Area, which is about 250 metres from the Arrivals Terminal.

Existing reservations only:
+39 095 349 900 / +39 348/9014626

The best answer:
Answered on: Jun 15, 2021

Clients asked:

Client said:
hi, I'd like to rent a car for 17 days but I see prices are extremely high, can you send me a quote for renting 1 car compact one ?

Support said:
Let me look at what you have searched and viewed. One moment please.

Support said:
All prices are very high at the moment. As there was an extreme shortage of fleet cars as they were reduced during Covid.

Support said:
In many cases they are no cars available. May be try again nearer the date.