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Megadrive - Innsbruck

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Answered on: Jul 15, 2017

Clients asked:

Client said:
if you pick up car in Innsbruck airport Austria can you drive car into Italy and Switzerland also

Support said:
CROSS BORDER travel will be stipulated at STEP2 of our 3 step online booking process. Beneath the car photo of your choice, there is a link entitled “TERMS & CONDITIONS”. Clicking on this link will open an additional smaller window, with the terms and conditions appertaining to that particular car.

Client said:
ok is there a charge for this

Support said:
Normally there is not, but you should check under TERMS & CONDITIONS, as each supplier and even car model can have different cross border rules/costs.

Client said:
i am from the uk do you need paper copy of driving licence or just card

Support said:
Not any longer. However with a UK driving licence please be aware the you will need a Licence Summary and this is required for car hire in the UK, Angola, Bahrain, Balearics, Botswana, Canaries, Croatia, Namibia, Oman, Portugal, South Africa, Sweden & Tunisia.